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Hidden delights in 17th C Dutch paintings

Hidden delights: small animals in 17th C Dutch paintings Elias van den broek, detail of Still Life with Roses (1670 – 1708) Rijksmuseum (click to zoom right in on the museum’s website) The 17th century saw a keen interest in science and naturalism and empirical research of the natural sciences became hugely popular. One of […]

Skating in Holland

Doe je schaatsen aan! (Put your skates on!)      Winter Landscape with Ice Skaters (circa 1608) Hendrick Avercamp Rijksmuseum Amsterdam   Skating in Holland – Hendrick Avercamp was one of many to paint the Dutch winter and the young Dutch Republic’s obsession with skating on so-called ‘natuurijs’: frozen lakes, canals and rivers. We still love skating […]

Jan van Eyck: giant of the Northern Early Renaissance

Portrait of a Man (assumed to be a self portrait), 1433. National Gallery London Jan van Eyck was born in Maaseik, a town in east Belgium, around 1390. He painted for John III the Pitiless, then-ruler of Holland and Hainaut in The Hague, and moved to Lille to work at the court of  Philip the […]

Old pigments painting blog: Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli Throughout history, lapis lazuli and the blue pigment that is extracted from it have have occupied a special place in the fine and decorative arts: an expensive, semi-precious stone that for centuries was exclusively sourced fron the rather inaccessible mountains of Badakhshan (today’s Afghanistan). Brought to Europe through the main trading port of […]

On the Easel in April 2021

On the Easel Detail: Wood pigeon, in progress Classical painting technique Traditional pigments: raw and burnt umbers, lapis lazuli, lead white, bone black, Cassel earth, burnt sienna, malachite.

Old pigments painting blog: Madder Lake

My paint box: Madder Lake My paint box is one of my favourite things: I’ve managed to exclude any paint developed after 1700, so no cadmiums or synthetic ultramarine for me. I guess that makes me a purist – it’s interesting how you learn things about yourself after a number of decades. So, I have […]

The Dutch Tulip: heritage cultivars

The Dutch Tulip: heritage cultivars From my garden: Zilver Standaard Dutch tulip, 1760   One of the latest Dutch heritage tulips to surface in my garden is also one of my favourites: the Zilver Standaard, a Dutch tulip which hails from 1760. It is part of my heritage tulip collection spanning the 16th to the […]

On the easel in March 2021

See what’s on the easel this month! One of my paintings on the easel this March is a fruit still life. This painting is all about grapes, the old way: using the techniques painters used in 1600’s Holland. I’m also using the pigments that were available to the 17th century Dutch painter, starting with umber […]